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The Enterprise SE


Role Audio Enterprise SERole Audio Enterprise SE


"...just right...all around, the best dynamic speaker I have ever used."

"...a 1st technologically..."

 "You will not find a better speaker anywhere near its price..."

"...some of the finest cabinet work I've seen..."

Shown: red birch and satin black
43 X 5.5 X 10.5 (Base:1 X 8 X 12.5) inches, 109 X 14 X 27 cm. (H X W X D)
Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz (+/- 3.5 dB)




"...the bass is to die for...they image like a son of a bitch..."
Jeff Rabin,

The Role Audio Enterprise are, all around, the best dynamic speakers I have ever used. They have so few weaknesses and so many essential music strength they nearly make listening to other full-range loudspeakers seem like a waste of time and a study in frustration. The Enterprise are that good."
The Paul Cervantes High End Reader

"...I really can't imagine asking for much more than these speakers are able to give."
MusikMike Peshkin,

The Enterprise sounded very much like the Magnepan MG3as, but lacked the Magnepan's dynamic limitations.... The Enterprise and their dual transmission line design sound effortless no matter how challenging the material or high the levels.
The Paul Cervantes High End Reader

"...the Enterprise is a 1st technologically....I drove the Enterprise hard, and on some occasions, very hard. Never did I experience driver break-up or power distortions that I could associate with the low order crossover or the small woofers....the dynamic capabilities of the Enterprise surprised me. And while the air moving capabilities of a speaker such as the VMPS RM40 has its benefits, the Role... does nearly as well in the bass department."
Marty DeWulf, Bound for Sound**

the Enterprise are, almost, neutral to a fault..."
Jeff Rabin,

"The ingenious Dual Transmission LineTM allows the Enterprise's twin woofers to do amazing things in the bottom end, musical things that continue to impress me each time I listen to the Enterprises."
Paul Cervantes,*​

"Cabinet construction is superb...this is some of the finest cabinet work I've seen...." 
Marty DeWulf, Bound for Sound**

Each time I sit down in front of the Enterprises I find myself breathing a sigh of quiet satisfaction: "This is just right."
Paul Cervantes,*

"... the strength of the Enterprise is one of focus and leading edge precision. String instruments particularly benefit from the transient acuity of the Enterprise."
Marty DeWulf, Bound for Sound**

"I was astonished by what a big sound came from these rather compact towers - like a much larger and taller speaker with more drivers - at least a true three-way design..." 
John Sunier, Audiophile Auditions,

"I'm enthralled with every recording I've put on since it was bi-amped. The Enterprise would be welcomed by me to replace my Infinity speakers.... I am shocked at how beautiful, how real the music is; every recording, every one!"
MusikMike Peshkin,

"The bass is solid, fast and very extended. At the same time, the Enterprises have a marvelously integrated sound that lets each recording speak its own special language unhindered."
Paul Cervantes,*

"I found the "old world" fit and finish of the Enterprise to be in stark contrast with the industrial visage of the Gallo [Nucleus Reference 3.1]..."
Marty DeWulf, Bound for Sound**

"The Enterprises were able to deliver everything from the full wallop of Phil Rudd's kick drum, to Wagner's Teutonic Fantasizing..."
Jeff Rabin,

"One thing I quickly noticed was the excellent imaging with the Roles. I was astonished by what a big sound came from these rather compact towers"
John Sunier, Audiophile Auditions,

"The Enterprise’s svelte elegance allows for greater "Significant Other Acceptance Factor" than any other floor standing speaker I have ever used. Believe me when I say that pictures do not begin to tell the story of the Enterprise’s aesthetic charms."
Paul Cervantes,*

"I was impressed by the high quality fit and finish of the black lacquer and birch cabinets of the speakers. Sophisticated lock-miter construction is used and corners are rounded throughout. The two-tone design is very striking and makes the thin towers appear even thinner..." 
John Sunier, Audiophile Auditions,

"If you aspire to a reference loudspeaker, the Role Audio Enterprise is for you."
Paul Cervantes, ultralinear,net*

"It is marvelous. I want this speaker!"
MusikMike Peshkin,



The Enterprise Signature Edition is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding music lovers, serious audiophiles, and home theater enthusiasts. Through extensive research and refinement we have developed the Enterprise SE into a loudspeaker that delivers true state of the art performance. The Enterprise delivers state of the art bass,  imaging, and musicality.

The beautiful "two-tone striking" handcrafted Enterprise SE cabinets feature all rounded edges, sophisticated lock miter construction, innovative fabrication of ports and TL lines, and attention to detail that is unprecedented.

Routing the termination of the transmission lines through the front baffle is difficult but it makes the bass performance of the Enterprise SE fairly impervious to placement. Even in situations where there is no back wall behind one speaker the low frequency performance of both speakers will be relatively even. And although not optimal, the Enterprise SE may be used on carpeted or wood floors without spikes.

The Enterprise SE cabinets feature our "picture frame" design with no hard edges. Wood side panels are framed in front, on top and in back with satin black lacquer panels to enhance the natural beauty of wood. Viewed directly from in front the cabinets appear all-black and integrate well in theater systems. Viewed from the side, they showcase the beauty of natural wood. 

Our cabinets show we pay attention to our loudspeakers not only as fine reproducers of music but also as objects of art.

The Enterprise SE measures only 5.5 inches wide by 43 inches high by 10.5 inches deep, and offers concert hall performance (35 Hz to 20 kHz) in a very elegant design that is intended for placement in large and medium sized rooms. 

How can the Enterprise SE image as well as it does and at the same time deliver incredibly extended bass?

Role Audio Dual Transmission Line Logo
Patent Pending
DTL is a trademark of Role Audio Company

The Enterprise SE features Role Audio unique DTL proprietary dual transmission line technology that allows the Enterprise SE to deliver the effortless dynamics and the bass extension of very large floor standing loudspeakers, while it retains the finesse, soundstaging, and imaging of the best small minimonitors.

Special Features:

  • One inch soft dome tweeter for non-fatiguing sound
  • Two 4 inch woven carbon fiber woofers for fast response and uncoloured sound
  • Time aligned drivers for coherent sound and soundstage
  • Matched components for improved imaging and symmetrical soundstaging
  • Proprietary DTL dual transmission line design for extraordinary bass performance
  • Full length grill for added elegance
  • Integral front vents for more coherent bass and to allow near wall placement
  • Minimalist first order crossover: uses a single inductor and a single capacitor
  • Full value film-foil capacitors for greater detail, imaging, and less distortion
  • Perfect lay oxygen free air core inductors to prevent saturation and to tighten and extend bass output.
  • DH Labs Silversonic wire to tweeter and oxygen free cooper wire to woofers
  • Superior ElectricTM BP30-2BR-B fully insulated five-way terminals
  • Matched panel cabinets
  • Made with non-toxic lumber and materials
  • Eco-friendly and health-friendly


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