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A New Canoe

Role Audio Canoe

Shown in Spanish Cedar

We have redesigned the Canoe to increase the bass output, image focus, and soundstaging. The new design uses new versions of the woofer and tweeter with reworked crossover components and an integral driver cover that includes a mesh port cover. In addition, we use our TL-ABC port tuning to further extend low bass response so that there is absolutely no need for adding a subwoofer. The TL-ABC port treatment is located immediately behind the mesh port cover. The TL-ABC port tuning significantly improves the Canoe's low bass response resulting in a low frequency response that is minus 10 dB at 38 Hz. The new design is suited for use without speaker grills. We are offering the new Canoe at $1,795 and making the magnetic grills optional at $100 per pair.