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The Starship SE

Read the latest review by Terry London in Stereo Times Most Wanted Speaker 2020

The Starship SE
Shown:  Satin black and red birch

 "no need to pair the Starship SE with a pair of subwoofers because the bass extension is accurate and robust (compliments of the four ports that vent the transmission lines that move lots of air)."

 "the Starship SE reminded me of its much bigger and more expensive sibling, the (NSMT) Model 100 speaker. Both speakers float a holographic sense of a soundstage with great accurate layering and offer excellent image density and palpability to each instrument in the ensemble."

"Add on a beautiful physical appearance, first-rate internal parts, an innovative design approach using transmission lines, and finally, you can drive these with anything from flea watt SET tube-based amplifiers or high-power solid-state amplifiers with superb results."
Stereo Times, Terry London, 11/2020

"Well-built, easy to place and drive, and blessed with a balance, speed and focus that makes listening to music of all varieties just plain fun..."

"...the SEs capture the music's micro-dynamic ebb and flow more naturally than my reference Maggie 1.7is.   

" Bass notes start and stop with impressive speed and no overhang or boom."

"Each instrument occupies its own space in the mix, a mix the SEs unravel like a seasoned archaeologist set loose upon an ancient dig sight."

Positive Feedback, Maurice Jeffries, Issue 88, 11/29/2016


The Starship SE, our new flagship, carries on the tradition of our critically acclaimed Windjammer and Enterprise, delivering better bass, better imaging, and better musicality at a fraction of the size and cost of the ultra high end competition. It offers big concert hall performance in a very elegant compact design that is intended for use in large and medium sized rooms. 

The Starship SE, features a number of breakout design elements, including an unprecedented four transmission lines design (Quad TLTM), an unprecedented four woofer and a soft dome tweeter arranged as a two-way, time coherent, point source driver array; new driver covers to reduce diffraction around the drivers; and clip on and magnetic grills to allow independent uncovering of the drivers.

Listen to a live recording on the Starship SE and you will hear something few loudspeakers can do. Instead of a detached soundstage with the audience behind the singer, the Starship SE images so well it can place the audience between you and the singer and immerse you in the audience with unmatchable immediacy and palpability.

Our loudspeakers are known for their musicality, tonal accuracy and neutrality. The Starship SE epitomizes these musical values. The Starship SE's timbre and tonal balance are very natural and real. Male and Female vocals shine. Its level of focus, leading edge precision and transient acuity are simply unsurpassed. In addition, the combination of the Starship SE's prowess in resolving low level detail, its ability to deliver laser like imaging in a humongous soundstage, and its relaxed delivery of large scale dynamics is unprecedented for its size and price. 

The bass of the Enterprise has been described as “bass to die for” and the bass of the Windjammer has been described as “airing outside the box.” With four of the transmission lines featured in the Windjammer and Enterprise, the Starship SE's delivers fast and extended bass that is absolutely boxless with incredible dynamic headroom and ease that is unprecedented for a loudspeaker of such compact size.

We have justly earned a reputation for inventing small loudspeakers that replace large floor standers. In an experiment, everyone though music coming from our Sampan micro tower was coming from a much larger Triangle Cello floor stander. And reviewer Mike Peshkin noted the ability of our svelte Windjammer to fill his 50' x 25' living room with music. Therefore, no one should be surprised that the Starship can full large rooms with dynamic concert hall music in a very relaxed non-fatiguing manner.

The Starship SE's cabinet is an ode to modern design with old world fit and finish. Like all our loudspeakers, the Starship SE is manufactured from non-toxic and or sealed lumber, nontoxic adhesives, and painted with non-toxic paints. The Starship SE exemplifies the beautiful " striking two-tone" handcrafted cabinets of the Windjammer and Enterprise that feature all rounded edges and sophisticated lock miter construction.

The design, fit and finish of the Starship SE's cabinet show we pay attention to our loudspeakers not only as fine musical instruments but also as objects of art. One veteran reviewer described the Enterprise as some of the best cabinet work he has seen. And another veteran reviewer said the Windjammers were so very attractive that not only did his wife not complain after an extended stay, “...she asked that they not leave..."

We say, without hesitation, that the Starship SE delivers a level of imaging, soundstaging, and dynamic performance in a gorgeous non-toxic cabinet that no other loudspeaker anywhere near its very compact size and price can match.

Role Audio Starship SE
Shown: satin black and red birch


  • Five driver minimum phase, time coherent, point source driver array
  • Two-way, first-order, transmission line
  • One inch soft dome
  • Four 4 inch woven carbon fiber woofers
  • Proprietary Quad TLTM (four transmission line) design
  • Integral front vents for more coherent bass and to allow near wall placement
  • Hand matched transducers and components 
  • Minimalist first-order two element crossover (perfect lay air core copper inductor, film-foil capacitor)
  • Pure multi-strand OFC copper wiring  to woofers, DH Labs Silver Sonic silver plated copper wire to tweeter
  • Hard wired hand soldered
  • Superior ElectricTM fully insulated, gold plated five-way binding posts mounted on stepped terminal cup
  • Bi-wire-able, bi-amp-able
  • Driver cover to reduce baffle diffraction
  • Full length grills with magnetic section to cover drivers.
  • Custom non-toxic paint
  • Eco-friendly and Health-friendly
  • ​Cabinets manufactured with non-toxic/sealed lumber and non-toxic adhesives
  • Satin black red birch standard finish (custom finishes available)
  • Warranty:10-year limited

Role Audio Starship SE


Dimensions: 10X11X44 inch, 25X28X112 cm (WXDXH)

Base: 12X12.5X1, 30.5X31.75X2.5 cm

Frequency Response: 35Hz - 26kHz, +/- 3.5 dB

-6dB referenced to 1kHz: 30Hz.

Sensitivity: 93 dB 1/watt/m

Rated impedance: 8 ohms

Minimum impedance: 10 ohms

Weight: 55 pounds each