Dramatic Improvements in our Skiff Series Transmission Line Loudspeakers

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Role Audio Sampan series loudspeakers

Findings from our ongoing research on taming Transmission Line pipe resonances have helped us to make dramatic improvements to our Skiff Series transmission line loudspeakers: Sampan FTL, Sampan, Sampan DTL, Sampan Sound Bar and Sampan Music Box.

In transmission line design the main resonance, the lowest resonance,  is accompanied  by smaller resonances at higher frequencies that can muddy the sound. These resonances are usually in the upper bass and midrange. Even when they are not prominent, they can cause the bass to sound inarticulate and vocals to sound distorted.

One way to mitigate pipe resonances is to use a tapered pipe. We have found a counterintuitive way to implement  the ports (which taper the transmission lines) that significantly tames pipe resonances and extends low bass response.

As a result, all these loudspeakers now produce much more defined and articulate bass and midrange.

Additional changes to the Sampan

We are using a new cast frame magnesium-aluminum cone transducer that is implemented differently than the previous cast frame titanium cone transducer. The main reason is to improve the high frequency response of the Sampan. The new Sampan produces more extended highs and a bit more extended bass.

Additional changes to the Sampan Sound Bar

We have made changes to the circuits that linearize the left and right channel transducers' response in the Sound Bar. We are also using the same transducer for all three channels where as before we used a different transducer for the center channel. With these changes, the Sound Bar produces a more neutral and extended frequency response and a more integrated soundstage.