Introducing the Role Audio Starship SE, our new flagship loudspeaker

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Role Audio Starship

 Four transmission lines
Patent pending
Quad-TL is a trademark of Role Audio Company

The Starship SE, our new flagship, features a number of breakout design elements, including an unprecedented four transmission lines design, an unprecedented four woofer and a soft dome tweeter arranged as a two-way point source, new driver covers to reduce diffraction around the drivers; and clip on and magnetic grills to allow independent uncovering of the drivers. The Starship offers an extremely high level of dynamic performance for its compact size and imaging and soundstaging in the tradition of our critically acclaimed Windjammer and Enterprise.

It took considerable research to invent the ingenious dual transmission line Enterprise as a loudspeaker that offers twice the output of the Windjammers.

And it has taken even more research and experience to invent the Starship using four transmission lines that produce twice the output of the Enterprise.

Configuring four transmission lines that vent through the front baffle in a compact cabinet is no mean feat. 

It is also no mean feat to design a loudspeaker that can top the accolades the Windjammer and Enterprise have received for:

Their laser-like imaging
Their tonal accuracy
Their neutrality
Their transparency
Their fast extended bass response
Their dynamic ease
Their low level detail retrieval
Their transient response
Their ability to play large spaces
Their humongous sound stage
The beauty of their cabinets
And, for the construction, fit and finish of their cabinets.

The Starship matches or exceeds all the performance characteristics of the Windjammer and the Enterprise, in addition it is a point source with four transmission lines. This means the Starship delivers awesome dynamic performance and even more laser-like imaging.

We say, without hesitation, that the Starship delivers a level of imaging, soundstaging, dynamic performance, and fit and finish that no other loudspeaker anywhere near its very compact (10X11X42 inch, 25X28X112 cm) size or price can match.