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Upgrade Program

Role Audio Sampan

Upgrade prices including shipping


Role Audio Sampan FTL with TL-ABC

We are pleased to announce an upgrade program for pre-existing owners of our transmission line loudspeakers to incorporate our new TL-ABC (Transmission Line Acoustic Bass Contouring) technology in their loudspeakers.

Our Transmission Line Acoustic Bass Contouring technology dramatically extends the low bass response of our transmission line loudspeakers and reduces residual resonance in the transmission lines which results in more articulate reproduction of the upper bass and midrange frequencies.

An upgrade program is unprecedented for us. However, we want to extend the benefits of incorporating TL-ABC to owners of our transmission line loudspeakers, because TL-ABC produces such dramatic results.

We will start with our smallest TL loudspeaker the Sampan FTL, then the Canoe, the Sampan, the Sampan DTL, the Windjammer, and the Enterprise, in that order. Offering the upgrades in this manner is more efficient for us and allows us to offer them at a lower price. 

We are offering a special promotional upgrade for the Sampan FTL during February, 2016. The upgrade lowers the bass response of the Sampan FTL 17 Hz.,costs $95, and includes free shipping in the USA and discounted shipping overseas. Beyond February, the upgrade will cost $235 including the shipping charge. During the upgrade we will give your loudspeaker a full checkup and a listening test.

You can purchase the upgrade for the Sampan FTL above or email us for a PayPal invoice. Once you have done so, print off your receipt and include it with your speakers. Pack your Sampan FTLs in the original packaging or wrap each speaker in large bubble wrap and ship them in an appropriate carton via UPS to:

Role Audio
607 Ellis Road
Building 49-14
Durham, NC 27703

Be sure to insure your speakers for the replacement value. Kindly use the contact form to let us know if you have questions.