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Steven Stone comments on the Canoe in

Role Audio Canoe

"Role Audio Canoe desktop speakers ($1495/pr) are one of the only small monitors I've used on my desktop that don't require some kind of elevated or angled speaker stand. The reason you don't have to fuss with them on your desktop is simple - they were designed specifically for nearfield desktop use. And unlike most small monitor speakers, which require some adjustment to get the tweeter and midrange woofer in the right position vis-à-vis your head, the Canoes are just the right height so that the tweeter is slightly above and the midrange woofer is slightly below ear-height.

I've been using the Canoe speaker for the past six months with a wide variety of amplifiers and computer-based front ends and it certainly rivals my other small reference monitors, including the Aerial Acoustics 5Bs, ATC SC-7s, and ProAc Jubilee Anniversary Tablettes. Although still requiring a subwoofer to create a full-range system, the Canoes have a surprising amount of lower midrange and upper bass energy output. Even with lower-powered amplifiers, such as the NuForce DDA-100, the Canoes were dynamic yet extremely well controlled. If you're looking for a great under $1500 US-Made desktop monitor, the Canoes are a must-audition speaker."