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with finesse and power for a totally immersive theater experience

The Enterprise, Discovery, Sampan, and Cube subwoofer home theater system is simply one of the finest home theater system you can buy at any price.

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Enterprise premium theater system
fronts: Enterprise or Starship SE
The EnterpriseRole Audio Starship

center: Discovery

 Role Audio Discovery

rear: Sampans or Skiffs
Role Audio SampanRole Audio Skiff

subwoofer: Cube
Role Audio Cube


"...with Role's speakers I was astonished to find myself within a seamless, natural and forgettable immersive musical environment that had depth, ambiance, imaging power, subtlety and a naturalness that was, how shall I put it, so seamless that it was forgettable. Good hi-fi should get out of the way... and getting out of the way is precisely what this Role multi-channel system did in spades. Could write more, though think I'd rather go play a movie or listen to one of my SACDs." 

(Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.,

You should always buy the best loudspeakers you can afford for your home theater system, especially if you intend to listen to music through your system. Improving your loudspeakers is the single most important way to improve the performance of your system.

Some Suggested Home Theater Combinations

Sampan Sound Bar Home Theater Systems

You can start out with the Sampan Sound Bar as a completer LCR 3.0 system that uses two folded transmission lines to produce excellent bass response for smaller rooms. The Sampan Sound Bar is full range, has great imaging  and its 42 X 4.5 X 5.25 (W X H X D) inches (107 by 13 by 12 cm) dimensions makes it a stealth home theater system. It is also available in white. You can also use the Sampan Sound Bar as rear speakers. Since the three built in speakers are independent and passive you can use only the two outer speakers as left and right rears in 5.0 or 5.1 theater systems, or you can use all three channels in 6.0 or 6.1 theater systems.

Role Audio Soundbar
You can add the Cube potent mini subwoofer (Dimensions: 14 X 8 X 12 inches)  to create a small theater system with more powerful  bass performance.

Role Audio Cube
And you can use the Sampan Music Box as a complete powered rear channel system to create a full 5.1 home theater system. You also have the option to connect the Sampan Music Box to your receiver wirelessly (email us about this option). Moreover, the Sampan Music Box images so well you could use it for your front speakers and don't miss a dedicated center channel speaker at all. 

Role Audio Sampan Soundbar
Skiff Home Theater Systems You can start with a Skiff 2.1 system with the Cube subwoofer. The Skiffs image so well that you do not need a dedicated canter channel.

Role  Audio Cube

If you want to improve dialog, you can add a Skiff as a center channel to create a 3.1 theater system. Placed vertically or horizontally the skiff makes a great center channel because it shines on vocals and its single full range driver disperses sound equally in all directions.

​If you want a larger, even more enveloping theater experience, you can add two skiffs as the rear channels to upgrade to a 5.1 home theater system.

 5.1 Home Theater System

Role Audio white Skiff loudspeakers

You can combine five skiffs with the Cube to create a very formidable home theater system. The Skiffs are small but play large, especially when backed up by a great subwoofer such as the Cube subwoofer, and the Skiffs incredible imaging means you will have a very powerful, totally enveloping theater system that takes up little space.

Role Audio 5.1 Home Theater speaker system

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