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Stereo Times Reviews the Starship SE

Role Audio Starship SE

Many thanks to Terry London and Stereo Times for their review of the Starship SE. Among Terry's observations is the fact that although the Starship Se is compact there is, "no need to pair the Starship SE with a pair of subwoofers because the bass extension is accurate and robust (compliments of the four ports that vent the transmission lines that move lots of air)."

Perhaps his biggest compliment  is his likening the Starship to the NSMT Model 100, which some people think may be the best speaker on the market regardless of price.  Terry notes that, "the Starship SE reminded me of its much bigger and more expensive sibling, the Model 100 speaker. Both speakers float a holographic sense of a soundstage with great accurate layering and offer excellent image density and palpability to each instrument in the ensemble."

Moreover, as Terry notes, "Add on a beautiful physical appearance, first-rate internal parts, an innovative design approach using transmission lines, and finally, you can drive these with anything from flea watt SET tube-based amplifiers or high-power solid-state amplifiers with superb results."

You can read the review Stereo Times.