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The Starship Series

The ultimate performance from compact two-way loudspeakers

The Starship Series of two-way, first order, acoustic suspension and transmission line loudspeakers are optimized for stereophonic listening. All loudspeakers in the series use similar high performance elements: softdome tweeters, woven carbon fiber woofers, crossover components, and terminals to create a matched sonic signature and a similar level of performance that allow the different models to be combined in theater and surround music systems.

According to Marc Yun of Bound for Sound, "The carbon-fiber woofer is a gem, and the tweeter struck me as being almost the equal of the vaunted Morel unit in the Merlin."

Role Audio Starship SE
The Starship SE

The Starship SE, features a number of breakout design elements, including an unprecedented four transmission lines design (Quad TLTM), an unprecedented four woofer and a soft dome tweeter arranged as a two-way point source.

Role Audio Starship
The Starship

The Starship carries on the tradition of the Windjammer and Enterprise delivering better bass, better imaging, and better musicality at a fraction of the cost of the ultra high end competition. 

Role Audio Enterprise speaker
The Enterprise SE

"If you aspire to a reference loudspeaker, the Role Audio Enterprise is for you."
Paul Cervantes, ultralinear,net

"...this is some of the finest cabinet work I've seen...Cabinet construction is superb." 
Marty DeWulf, Bound for Sound

Enterprise XB
The Enterprise

"...the bass is to die for...they image like a son of a bitch..."
Jeff Rabin,

"I was astonished by what a big sound came from these rather compact towers..."
John Sunier, Audiophile Auditions,

Role Audio Windjammer
The Windjammer

"...they "image like lasers."
(Doug Schnider,

They "do" bass about as good as any speaker I've listened to, perhaps better..."
Mike Peshkin, Positive Feedback On-Line

Role Audio Canoe speaker
The Canoe

"If you're looking for a great under $1500 US-Made desktop monitor, the Canoes are a must-audition speaker."
Steven Stone, Audiophile Review

"When properly set up on a desktop, the Role Canoes disappear as completely as the best two-way monitor speakers I've heard."
Steven Stone, Hometheater Review

Role Audio Discovery speaker
The Discovery

The Discovery and Kayak share many family traits. They both have superb high frequency rendition, astounding inner detail and low-level resolution, and remarkable depth recreation."
Steve Stone,

"The Discovery extra midrange/woofer and larger cabinet gave it more lower midrange energy capabilities, which translate into slightly warmer harmonic balance and greater dynamic punch."
Steve Stone,

Role  Audio Kayak speaker
The Kayak

"...the Kayak does much of what the LS3/5a is reputed to, yet with better midrange dynamics than I remember hearing from my old Rogers pair and certainly improved transient response. They're also exactly $1000 less expensive than the celebrated, current-production LS3/5a V2 from Stirling Broadcast."
Ed Kobesky, Positive Feedback Online

"The Kayaks are... Amazing."
David Ogden Stiers: Actor; Director; Associate Conductor Newport (Oregon) Symphony Orchestra

Role Audio Kayak Armada speaker system
The Kayak
Armada System

If you combine a pair of Kayaks with a pair of Cube active subwoofers and a pair of NSMT Sandbags 30 inch stands, you end up with a system that is greater than the sum of its parts. This system provides the utmost flexibility in fine-tuning the loudspeaker's interaction with the room to deliver an ultimate listening experience.