New transmission line technology applied to the Sampan FTL

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Before TL-ABC

Role Sampan FTL.

After TL-ABC

Role Audio Sampan FTL
35 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency response

We are pleased to announce that our continuous research into transmission line design over the past 24 years has yielded dramatic results and the development of a new technology which we call Transmission Line Acoustic Bass Contouring (TL-ABC). TL-ABCTM dramatically lowers bass response and reduces transmission line pipe resonances. It removes box coloration and  dramatically increases clarity and articulation in the bass and midrange frequencies. This dramatically improves voices and improves imaging specificity.

TL-ABCTM allows us to manufacture small loudspeakers that do not need subwoofers to supplement their bass output. We have applied TL-ABCTM to the Sampan FTL first, to dramatize the astonishing effects of the technology. With the application of TL-ABCTM, the Sampan FTL, which uses a three inch transducer in a 8 X 4 X 9.5 inches (H X W X D), 20 X 10 X 24 cm cabinet, now has a quasi anechoic frequency response of 35Hz - 20kHz +/- 3.5 dB, and a  -10dB referenced to 1kHz. response of 27Hz. This means the in-room frequency response of the Sampan FTL can be 27Hz to 20kHz. It will be hard for some readers to believe this therefore we will be actively seeking reviews that employ frequency measurements.

Over the past 24 years, our intense research into transmission line design has allowed us to introduce unique small transmission line loudspeakers like the Sampan and Sampan FTL, the double transmission line Sampan DTL and Enterprise and, most recently, the four transmission line Starship. However, the development of TL-ABCTM is our most consequential technological development. Going forward, TL-ABC will allow us to dramatically improve the performance of all our transmission loudspeakers. We are initiating an upgrade program for the owners of all our transmission line loudspeakers. 

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